At the foot of Fanjing Mountain, there is a “treasure food Street”, street food, mountain treasures, special agricultural products, everything.

Along the tourist avenue into fanjingshan scenic square, the right side of the parking lot is fanjingshan snack street, the geographical position is very convenient.

Fanjingshan Snack Street maintains its primitive appearance, concentrating numerous shops of jiangkou specialties, gourmet snacks, daily commodities and so on, with a wide variety of commodities.

Jiangkou special food: Yuan Yuan noodles, rice rice noodles, dried rice noodles, plate noodles, rice tofu, oil baba, dried bean curd, horned fish, dried beef …

Jiangkou Matcha: Jiangkou Matcha produces excellent “European standard matcha” based on the good natural ecological environment. The taste is full of tea flavor, slightly bitter but with a sweetness, which is unforgettable.

Specialties of Fanjingshan: Kiwi Fruit Wine, Pine Seed Crisp