Fanjing Mountain is a world natural heritage site. For the protection of the ecological environment, accommodation and camping are not allowed in fanjing Mountain scenic area. But there are a lot of b&B hotels around, accommodation places are: Yunshe, Zhaishadong village, Fanjingshan commercial Street, Jiangkou, etc.

Zhaisha Dongzhai

In the direction of Fanjing Mountain, about 3 kilometers away from Fanjing Mountain, there is a road sign pointing to the parking lot on the right, which is Zhaisha. Zhaisha Dongzhai is the main accommodation in Fanjing Mountain.


Yunshe village is on the edge of the county seat, which can enjoy the ethnic customs of small Bridges and flowing water. You can also take a bus directly to the scenic spot by the roadside. Here, there are not only the extraordinary workmanship of nature, but also the characteristic dwellings with great individuality, poetic life far away from the hustle and bustle, as well as the original ethnic customs.