TRAVEL GUIDELINE Travelling Guideline

Summer Travelling Guideline

Fanjing Mountain has always attracted the attention of the world with the majestic beauty of “City in the Sky”, the ecological beauty of “Secret Realm on Clouds” and the simple and pure natural beauty. In summer, Fanjing Mountain is lined with green trees, and the highest temperature on the top of the mountain in summer does not exceed 23°C, so even climbing does not feel hot.

On the way of climbing, you can fully appreciate the charm of Fanjing Mountain. Of course, don’t forget to take pictures and punch cards. The most out-of-the-circle scenic spots on Fanjing Mountain on each platform are the Hongyun Golden Peak, the cableway and the Mushroom Rock. The Hongyun Golden Peak top that rises from the ground, it takes courage to climb to the top. After climbing up, you can experience the artistic conception of “swinging the chest, forming clouds, and returning to the bird”; the ropeway is also one of the must-see attractions, descending from a high place. Overlooking, you can enjoy the lush ecological beauty of Fanjing Mountain, which is absolutely amazing. Mushroom Stone is the most famous love holy place on Fanjing Mountain. Kissing under the Mushroom Stone can reap lasting love.

In addition to mountaineering and enjoying the scenery, you can also tread water in the stream below the mountain. The most important thing here is all kinds of crystal clear streams. Whether you live at the foot of Fanjing Mountain, Yunshe or Zhaisha Dong Village, you can wade into the water when you go out.

Put on shorts and sandals, and you can enjoy the cool ice spring at 15°C on the beach. The water of the river is crystal clear, the shadows of the trees are swirling, the sound of the water is gurgling, the touch of pebbles under the feet, and the laughter of the companions in the ears. A water-friendly experience that you can’t get in the city, where you can play for free until you get soaked. Here to remind everyone that you must pay attention to safety when playing in the water, and do not go to places where the water is deep. The cobblestones are slippery, so it is best not to chase and fight in the stream to avoid slipping and falling.

It is known that Fanjing Mountain has the most beautiful starry sky, but it is difficult for ordinary people to see it because lodging is not allowed on the mountain. But!!!!! The starry sky under the mountain is also beautiful! Van found a good place to see fireflies and stars, and now I share the bottom of the box. Although this is a test of character, it is well worth a try.

On a summer evening, start at the gate of Fanjing Mountain and drive about five kilometers along the Ring Road towards Songtao. When you are far from the village and see the stream and woods by the side of the road, you can park your car by the side of the road. Turn off your headlights, wait quietly, and you’ll see fireflies flash in the woods or by a stream. It’s super romantic. Starlight in your palm, starlight in the sky, and what you get is a romantic, beautiful and tender night. It should be noted that we must travel together at night!

In a place called Wanjiao, not far from Zhaisha village (there are big road signs along the road, it is easy to find), there is a market on the fifth and tenth days of the Lunar calendar.

If you happen to be in Fanjingshan on fair days and are interested in this kind of village fair, you can check it out. Summer fairs usually open around 7 o ‘clock and end around 11 o ‘clock. On the market, nearby villagers will bring local goods or some handmade products to sell in the market, and the shops on the street will also open. Some local snacks are also displayed at the market. It’s fun to go to a summer market and get a taste of local life.