The Primitive Fanjing Mountain

The landscape of Fanjing Mountain is characterized by its primeval nature. Four celestial wonders, cloud waterfall, Zen fog, mirage and Buddha light, add a mysterious color to the mountain. The iconic scenic spots are Hongyun Golden Peak, Moon Mirror Mountain, Ten thousand meters sleeping Buddha, Mushroom Stone, Ten Thousand Scrolls of Scripture, Nine Dragon Pool, Phoenix Mountain and so on. Fanjing Mountain has more than 2000 species of plants, known as the oasis of the earth, animal and plant gene pool, the precious heritage of mankind. Huashan momentum, Taishan grand, Rabbit Ear Ridge of the stone.

Hongyun Golden Peak

The New Jinding is 2,336 meters above sea level, with a vertical height difference of 100 meters, the most dangerous of the three jinding. Morning is often surrounded by red cloud auspicious gas, so it is also known as Hongyun Golden Peak, homonym "jinding", there is the implication of good luck. The upper part of the New Jinding is separated by the Golden Knife Gorge into two solitary peaks -- the South built Sakyamuni Temple, dedicated to Sakyamuni Buddha; North built maitreya Hall, worship Maitreya Buddha.

Buddha Light

Before 9:00 am in the morning or after 4:00 pm in the afternoon after the rain, colorful auras appear in the clouds opposite to the sun, with shadows embedded, people moving shadow moving. In the firelight night, the fog will also appear tens of times taller than people's projection, that is, the phantom.

Sunrise on the Clouds

Fanjingshan Mountain is covered in golden "holy clothes" under the warm winter sun, and under the blue sky and white clouds, Fanjingshan Mountain is like a golden world.

Cloud Waterfall

The clouds are silver-clad for Fanjingshan Mountain, and under the sunlight, there is a tumbling sea of clouds, just like a painting.

Summer Night Starry Sky

The starry sky of Fanjingshan Mountain can be stunning everywhere as long as the weather is good; look at the countless stars, nebulae and the magnificent Milky Way arch bridge that makes your heart yearn for more.

Guanpu Pavilion

Look at this waterfall from top to bottom, is it like the profile of Avalokitesvara bodhisattva, the top is the head of avalokitesvara, the bottom is the shoulder of avalokitesvara, the bottom right corner is covered with moss in the shape of a bottle, exposed is the holy water bottle of Avalokitesvara, it is said that this is the incarnation of white dragon horse. Later, it became a scenery of Fanjing Mountain, and worshippers built a pavilion here, named Guanpu Pavilion.

Moon Mirror Mountain

At 2,493 meters above sea level, Old Jinding is the second highest peak on Fanjing Mountain. The stone wall is also known as "Moon Mirror Mountain" because of the image of Maitreya Buddha speaking for all living beings. On top of Old Jinding, there is a hall of burning lanterns for the worship of the ancient Buddha burning lanterns. The burning Lamp Buddha belongs to one of the buddhas in the past. When this Buddha was born, all directions were bright, and the sun and moon fire beads were not used again. Therefore, it is also called the fixed light Tathagata, universal light Tathagata and lamplight Tathagata.

Mushroom Stone

Mushroom stone, stone as its name, about ten meters high, big on the bottom small, like mushrooms. The true meaning of the Buddha's "normal mind" has stood firm for a billion years. Many painters and photographers have taken it as the subject matter and created various artistic masterpieces. Now the mushroom stone as a symbol of Fanjingshan representative image, has gone to the world known.

Ten Thousand Books

Legend has it that Xuanzang, the Tang monk, made a special trip to Fanjing Mountain to pay homage to maitreya Buddha after returning from his pilgrimage to the West. When it came to the Hongyun Golden Peak, the white dragon horse accidentally made a mistake and scattered a pile of Buddhist sutras. The sutras fell to the ground and took root, thus achieving today's unique fanjing Mountain -- "Ten thousand books".

Ten Months Pregnant Tree

The tree has a mother and nine children and is over 1,000 years old. The mother tree is cherry, and the trunk of the tree includes rhododendron, Catalpa, Campanula, Acer chinensis, hydrangea and other trees. The roots of the sub-trees are rooted in the mother tree. Nearby people to pray for children and grandchildren full house, have worshiped under the tree, in order to do so.

Black Alley

Here is an evergreen, deciduous, broad-leaved mixed forest belt, the special geographical and geological environment makes the forest here dense growth, evergreen all the year round, shadow cover the sun, hence the name: black alley.

Ten Thousand Meters Sleeping Buddha

Looking ahead is a natural Buddha statue composed of Hongyun Golden Peak and phoenix Mountain - ten thousand meters sleeping Buddha. It lies on its back on the top of fanjing Mountain, stretching more than ten thousand meters long, the world's largest.