1. Fanjingshan Ecotourism Area implements time-sharing reservations for real-name ticket purchases, with a maximum daily carrying capacity of 10,400 people. During the COIVID-19 prevention and control period, the number of tourists is controlled at 30% of the maximum daily carrying capacity. The channels for purchasing tickets are the WeChat public account of “Fanjingshan Tourist Area”, the WeChat applet “One Code Tour Guizhou”, and Ctrip. Tourists who purchase tickets through other unauthorized channels will not be able to enter the park or suffer economic losses. Please deal with them by themselves through the purchase channels rights. 
  2. Tourists can buy tickets for the scenic spot on the day from 8:00 to 23:59 every day and pre-sale tickets for the next three days. After the reservation is successful, they need to swipe their ID card and queue up for pre-check on the day of the tour according to the reservation time. Tourists must show green Guizhou during the pre-check. Health code and body temperature measurement, wear a mask throughout the journey, keep a distance of 1 meter, and take personal protective measures. Those with abnormal body temperature will not be allowed to enter the park.
  3. In the case of limited ticket sales in scenic spots, in order to realize the safe and orderly opening of tourist attractions, tourists with preferential certificates must purchase adult tickets online in advance. On the day of play, they can apply for a refund of the difference in ticket prices at the scenic spot, including active military personnel, disabled people, Buddhist personnel, Full-time students, escorts over 80 years old and other special discount certificates, please forgive me for the inconvenience, thank you!
  4. Dongshanmen (Jiangkou County) after entering the park, tourists need to take a sightseeing car to the cableway stop (the starting point of the hiking trail). It is recommended that tourists take the cableway up the mountain (about 4 hours on foot). To ensure the safety of tourists, hiking is prohibited after 14:00 on that day. , After 15:00, it is forbidden to go down the mountain on foot, and the sale of the same day ticket will be stopped at 15:00; after entering the park, visitors to Xishanmen (Yinjiang County) need to take a sightseeing bus to reach Mianxuling (the starting point of the hiking trail), and the sale of the same day ticket will stop at 14:00, and there is no cableway in Ximen.
  5. Except for children under 1.4 meters (children under 1.1 meters are free; children between 1.1 meters and 1.4 meters are free of charge, and children’s sightseeing cars need to be paid on-site for half price), all other tourists need to participate in time-sharing reservations for real-name ticket purchases. Among them: Free tickets for children over 1.4 meters and under 14 years old, full price for sightseeing cars and cableway.
  6. Passengers with physical conditions not suitable for high-altitude travel and at risk of induced diseases (history of heart disease, high blood pressure, mental disorder, fear of heights, habitual abortion, etc., as well as some pregnant women in early and late pregnancy, and some elderly passengers with limited mobility), If you are drunk, etc., you are not allowed to take the cableway. Please choose carefully whether to visit the Fanjing Mountain Eco-tourism Area.
  7. Fanjing Mountain Ecotourism Area is a mountain-type scenic spot with high altitude, large temperature difference, and erratic weather. When sudden changes in weather affect safety, some scenic spots and cableway will be temporarily closed. Tourists are requested to choose according to their own conditions. Visitors entering the park should prepare appropriate rain gear and take measures to keep warm and cold.
  8. Refund and correction rules: During the peak tourist season (March 1 to November 30), apply for a refund for free before 17:00 the day before the tour day, and in the off-season (December 1 to the last day of February of the following year). The same-day ticket must be unsubscribed before 15:00 on the day of play. Partial unsubscribe of the order can be supported before the order is not used, and no change is supported. For refund inquiries, please use the mobile phone number reserved in the order to call customer service.